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Welcome to Light Line Photography
Established 1978 by John Perret

Light Line is located in Saskatoon Saskatchewan. We are noted for our landscape photography. The company is involved in commercial and agricultural work as well as producing art work for galleries and private collections.
We are now involved in publishing and are marketing a new book called Love This Saskatchewan.

Call us for any photography information.

Love This Saskatchewan as a Gift

I have published a new book on the beauty of Saskatchewan.
I have illustrated each chapter with a stunning collection of photographs.
It will sell for $39.95 +GST. Orders by phone 306-242-0804
or use the Buy Now button on this web site. I will provide shipping by Canada post,
anywhere in Canada for $15.00. Total 54.95 +GST
It will be a great book to collect or give as a gift any time.

Buy Now

More Information
Article from Our Canada Magazine

Check out the article for Our Canada. It was also picked up by Saskatchewan Tourism.
Check out the link on our link page.

Northern Saskatchewan Video

Enjoy a selection of images from Northern Saskatchewan in the form of a video.
Check under links for an active link.

More Information
The Bigger Picture "Windows"
Go to links to view video on YouTube. Music by Robyn Perret-Smith

The use of windows in homes is both historic and functional in the present. Windows open, let sunshine through, we can see the weather and activate all our senses. It gives people an opportunity to view their natural world. We all have that connection to the outside world and use the window to activate that connection. With the onslaught of technology the connection moves to a smaller and smaller window. I am concerned that we are moving away from our window seat with nature.

Big Muddy Valley
A day in the big muddy video

All photographes were taken by John Perret on a weekend in early spring.
They were put together to show a day in the Big Muddy in Southern Saskatchewan.
The most recognizable landmark is Castle Butte.
Go to links and click on the YouTube link.

  Selling off negatives.

If I took your photos for any occasion 1988 to 2006
please contact us about purchasing your negatives.
Cost is 25.00 per family for all negatives.
This will be the year to get them!
Let us know at 306-242-0804 John or Heather.